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Muiltiman error/help - k9souljah - 10-14-2017

I am currently on cfw 4.81.2 rebug dex
my multi man is up to date 4.81.2 base
Toggle cobra mode is enable
Toggle  webman is enable

Problem / need soloution

When accessing App_home/ps3_GAME/---- An error occurs 80028f14

Now went to multi man and went to settings scroll all the way down and no BD-rom emulator in settings?

Willing to send a video of my problem on your request.

I trired uninstalling and reinstalling and still bd rom no show. Need a solution .

Thank you for your time for reading this.

RE: Muiltiman error/help - PassiveModding - 10-15-2017

If you are trying to mount a disc then I would recommend using webman instead.